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An Overview of ERTMS

1 Day Course

ERTMS is being rolled out across Europe and in the UK, Network Rail have aspirations to expand it in the UK building upon the lessons learnt from its applications. This module will provide an overview of the key concepts of ERTMS.

ERTMS will require new skills and ways of operating in the rail sector. Digital Rail’s one-day training course, ‘An Overview of ERTMS’, provides attendees with an overview of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), its technologies and operational requirements.

Attendees will leave with a firm knowledge of trackside and onboard systems, and trackside architecture levels 1/2/3.

The course combines presentations from our industry experts with exercises, review sessions and explorations of topical issues.


  • High-quality technical training led by recognised experts in ERTMS, covering the technology and the implementation of systems and operations
  • The latest developments in ERTMS, together with real-life examples of best practice and problem solving


  • The basics of ERTMS, what it is, how it originated and why it exists
  • ERTMS’ architecture, including traffic management, operating rules, ETCS and GPRS
  • ERTMS functions and language• ERTMS levels
  • Trackside architecture L1/L2/L3
  • Train-borne architecture L1/2/3
  • ERTMS train modes
  • The driver-machine interface
  • Train-focused and infrastructure-focused implementation strategies
  • Future developments

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