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Machine Learning Solutions

Digital Transit Limited has developed a wide variety of machine learning software for use in the transport industry.

Features include:

  • Fully autonomous video analytics system
  • Makes use of cutting-edge convolutional neural networks (CNNs) – artificial intelligence
  • Able to detect objects of interest from standard video
  • Integrates easily with customers’ existing systems
  • Works with existing cameras or new camera deployments
  • Works with off-the-shelf hardware

All of our systems are developed to a high standard:

  • Hardware is fully approved for fitment to rolling stock
    • Shock/vibration/fire certified to EN50155
    • EMC test certification
  • Software is developed and validated to EN50657 basic integrity for rolling stock under ISO9001/IS090003 control.


Detects users with accessibility issues and either issues directions, or alerts staff.


Uses machine learning to detect when bags have been left behind or stolen, and sends alerts to staff.


Detects track workers and their adherence to procedures, signals and other obstructions using the forward-facing train camera.


Measures pantograph acceleration using video footage to determine when maintenance is required.

People Counting

Provides a live count of the number of passengers per carriage on public transit.

Trap & Drag Detection System

Detects trap-and-drag incidents using exterior train cameras.


Repairs and stitches the lifecycle closely together