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RailSight® – People Counting

Real-time Monitoring of Passenger Numbers

What is It?

Utilising an intelligent vision system and the CCTV cameras currently in use on public transport, the number of passengers aboard a given tram are counted. This data can be viewed in real time, allowing an operator knowledge of the total number of passengers aboard each carriage. All data is logged, so a comprehensive database of passenger traffic can be collected. This allows for real-time decision making by transport companies and customers. People counting was originally designed for trams, but the technology would work equally well on other forms of public transit with CCTV.


Passengers (customers)

  • Passengers can be provided information about how busy incoming trams will be.
  • By informing passengers which carriages are less busy, people can board onto quieter parts of the tram. This speeds up boarding times and increases passenger comfort.

Train and Station Operators

  • Provides real-time accurate data about passenger numbers with GPS tracking data
  • Data can be viewed through live private web portal