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RailSight® – Assist

Improving Accessibility with Deep Learning

What is It?

Our object detection system utilises the cutting edge in convolutional neural networks and deep learning to autonomously spot any passengers who might be in need of assistance. This information can be simply and quickly sent to platform/train staff, who can provide assistance when and where it is needed, or to other additional systems. All processing is done station-wide in real-time across multiple simultaneous CCTV feeds.

Detection includes (but is not limited to) passengers with:

  • Heavy luggage
  • Wheelchairs
  • Bicycles
  • Walking sticks


Passengers (customers)

  • Assistance is provided as soon as the passenger enters the station.
  • Passengers can be directed toward more suitable carriages

Train and Station Operators

  • Improved accessibility at train stations.
  • Faster passenger boarding at the PTI, as passengers with bicycles/luggage can be directed toward the correct carriage.