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We are pleased to announce that Howard, a valued member of our team at Digital Transit, has joined the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) committee TC/9 PT63452. This committee is dedicated to establishing standards that enhance cybersecurity in railway operational technology (OT).
Howard will participate in his first committee meeting next month in Helsinki.
The role of cybersecurity in protecting railway systems is becoming increasingly critical as these systems grow more interconnected and technologically sophisticated. The PT63452 committee’s work is vital in developing standards that aim to safeguard these systems against potential cybersecurity threats, thereby ensuring the reliability and safety of railway operations.
Howard’s role in the PT63452 committee will involve contributing his expertise in railway technology and cybersecurity. This is an opportunity to contribute actively to the advancement of cybersecurity measures in the railway industry.
Digital Transit supports Howard’s involvement in the PT63452 committee, recognising the importance of contributing to global standards that impact the safety and efficiency of railway operations. His participation also reflects our commitment to staying informed about developments in technology and regulations that affect the railway sector. We believe his expertise will be a valuable addition to the committee’s work.
For those interested in the specific objectives and ongoing projects of the PT63452 committee, further information can be found in the detailed document available here and additional insights into the committee’s impact on railway cybersecurity standards can be read here.

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