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OLESight - Roof Mounted Camera

Transforming the landscape of railway condition monitoring, the OLESight-RMC system introduces an advanced solution for the precision tracking of pantographs and overhead line equipment (OLE). Our system measures the height of the pantograph, the stagger of the overhead line, and accurately calculates the forces exerted between them

  • Can be integrated with existing CCTV Systems
  • Stand-alone system also available that does not require intrusion into vehicle
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • Powered by AI Convolutional Neural Network and Machine Vision Techniques

System Specifications

The OLESight-RMC system is designed to support comprehensive condition monitoring of pantographs and overhead line equipment (OLE). It includes specifications tailored for continuous data collection, enabling the analysis of pantograph height, overhead line stagger, and interaction forces over time.

Output Data Analysis

OLESight-RMC gives you the ability to track and visualize long-term trends in pantograph and OLE conditions. Through our interactive dashboards, users can review graphs and trend lines, and assess historical data to identify patterns and predict future maintenance needs.

Integration Capabilities

DTL offers a streamlined process for integrating the OLESight-RMC system into current railway monitoring frameworks. Our embedded GPU system seamlessly interfaces with ethernet-based camera systems, enabling quick connection and configuration to begin data collection and analysis with minimal adjustments to existing infrastructures. Additionally, we provide the option to deploy a standalone camera system for scenarios where existing cameras are not in place.

Operational Advantages

By enabling operators to detect gradual changes and potential issues early, the system contributes to more informed decision-making, potentially reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability over time.