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RailSight® – Forward

What is It?

The Intelligent Vision System is able to spot a myriad of objects that are seen by train drivers. This includes speed signs, track workers, signals, tresspassers and other obstructions, all detected in real-time, using existing cameras placed on the train.

What It Does

  • Detects objects on the railway line.
  • Detects speed signs.
  • Detects track workers and tresspassers.
  • Sends the necessary alerts when an object is detected too close to the railway line.
  • Uses existing camera infrastructure.
  • Processes in real time, with low latency on a computer the size of a credit card (Raspberry Pi for example.)


  • Improved safety on the railway line
  • Monitoring and logging of dangerous situations which may not always be spotted by the driver.
  • Better awareness of dangerous sections of the railway line.


A work-in-progress demo of 3- and 4-light signal detection.