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Digital Transit Limited’s Cybersecurity Initiatives

Digital Transit Limited Leverages Key Funding to Elevate Cybersecurity Practices

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Digital Transit Limited, a UK-based company at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence technology development, has recently secured two critical sources of funding aimed at significantly enhancing its cybersecurity framework. Already holding the Cyber Essentials qualification, Digital Transit Limited is poised to elevate its cybersecurity measures to the next level with the Cyber Essentials Plus certification through the Funded Cyber Essentials Programme run by IASME and funded by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

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Stepping Up to Cyber Essentials Plus

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The Cyber Essentials Plus certification offers a robust upgrade from the basic Cyber Essentials accreditation, providing an external validation of the company’s cybersecurity defences. This advanced certification ensures a higher level of security assurance, essential for protecting against common cyber threats such as hacking, phishing, and password guessing. The move not only boosts Digital Transit Limited’s defence mechanisms but also enhances customer trust and positions the company favourably within sensitive supply chains and government contracts.

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity: External testing of security measures for a higher assurance level.
  • Risk Management: Effective strategies to shield against prevalent cyber threats.
  • Customer Confidence: Demonstrates a serious commitment to cybersecurity.
  • Supply Chain Security: Meets the requirements for handling UK government contracts.
  • Insurance Incentives: Potential for lower insurance premiums due to recognized security standards.
  • Continuous Improvement: Promotes ongoing updates and enhancements to security practices.

Secure Innovation: A Groundbreaking Pilot Scheme

In addition to the cybersecurity upgrade, Digital Transit Limited is participating in the “Secure Innovation” pilot scheme, a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), Innovate UK, and the NCSC. This scheme addresses the growing security threats faced by the UK’s emerging tech industry, offering a strategic approach to fortify security measures across various dimensions, including cyber, physical, personnel, and supply chain risks.

  • Comprehensive Security Enhancement: Implements vital security measures to protect assets.
  • Support Business Growth: Enhances the company’s security posture to attract investors and customers.
  • Encourage Compliance and Best Practices: Guides tech companies to adhere to stringent security standards.
  • Financial Support for Security Reviews: Provides part-funding, reducing financial barriers for startups.
  • Develop Security Skills: Builds internal security capabilities through professional guidance.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ensures the evolution of security practices with business growth.
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