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Last week, Digital Rail Limited hosted a demonstration afternoon at Lancaster University to launch their Intelligent Vision System for the Platform Train Interface. The Intelligent Vision System is designed to both improve passenger safety and increase efficiency of trains. The passenger safety system quickly alerts train staff to dangerous scenarios at doors, mitigating potential injuries.  The passenger experience system “nudges” passengers awaiting trains towards the less busy carriages.

The purpose of the day was to introduce and demonstrate the Intelligent Vision System and explore the opportunities this presents within the rail industry. There were representatives from TOCS, ROSCOs, Network Rail, TfL, Metrolink and RSSB.  Following the live demonstration, there was a wide ranging and stimulating discussion regarding the opportunities and challenges in the route to implementation. This concluded with a SWOT analysis. The analysis highlighted the potential for humans to become reliant on such safety systems. This emphasised the importance of ensuring that the Intelligence Vision System supports human decision making, but doesn’t replace it.

Read more about the Intelligent Vision System, or get in touch if you would like a personalised demonstration.