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Digital Transit Limited are excited about the release of NVIDIA’s newest Jetson Orin products, the Orin NX, the Orin Nano and the AGX Orin. The products which are being released this year and are a huge leap for AI for video analysis. Here at DTL we are developing our own software that utilises AI on the edge, in the fog and in the cloud. The new Jetson Orin technology will allow DTL to use more powerful and energy efficient models on the edge such as faster inference for our RailSight-Assist system. The new Orin technology is a large step in the progression of AI technology in regards to their performance. Compared to the Jetson Xavier range, the AGX Orin performs up to 8 times faster than the AGX Xavier and can deliver AI performance that can reach 275 Tensor tera operations per second (TOPS). This is a significant improvement over the AGX Xavier which performs at 30 TOPS and was only released in October 2018.

We are very excited about these new products from Nvidia as they will enable us to provide lower cost, energy efficient solutions to the rail industry.

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