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Digital Transit have been in Dublin for the last three weeks, presenting each week a 3 day “Rail Engineering and Design Safety Management (EDSM) according to EN50126/8/9” course, as well as a one-day “Safety Critical Software in Rail (SCSR)” course to Irish Rail. These courses help attendees expand their knowledge and make better decisions around the standards and their application in the area of railway safety and software, deployment costs, and assist in de-risking the development lifecycle.

The modules are presented to a new group each week, and cover a wide range of modules including:
·      Case Studies of accidents related to design and inadequate EDSM
·      Standards for engineering safety and assessing and reducing risk including the latest EN50126 and EN50129
·      Railway systems engineering, integration and the new digital railway
·      The Scope of EN50128 and EN50567 for software.

The training will be adapted to meet Irish Rail’s specific requirements, taking into account feedback received from previous iterations of the course.

Click here for more information about the various training courses DTL provides.

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